Learning Resources

In response to COVID-19, Knock Knock Children’s Museum has partnered with Front Yard Bikes, a non-profit organization that teaches and develop children with skills in mathematics, physics and mechanics, while promoting inclusivity, mentorship, recreation and academic achievement. Together, we have partnered to create weekly STEAM kits delivered to over 100 children throughout South and North Baton Rouge. These weekly activities are included as part of FYB’s food delivery program in collaboration with the 3 O’Clock Project. Each week, a different activity is provided with all materials and a detailed lesson plan.

These videos provide additional guidance on each kit, and the lesson plans are fully aligned to state standards. For more information on how your family can receive a kit, please email Kristin Spencer, Early Childhood Education Program Coordinator at kspencer@knockknockmuseum.org.

State standard guidelines referenced in these lessons can be found HERE.