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Educator Guide

View or Download a comprehensive guide on Knock Knock’s offering for schools and educators here.

Knock Knock and its 18 Learning Zones are linked to the Louisiana Educational Standards. Download our curriculum guide. 

School Field Trips

Knock Knock hosts thousands of school children from all over our region each year for educational field trips. Learn more and book your Field Trip here

Pre-School Principals Alliance

Knock Knock Children’s Museum is a valuable resource and a connector for the Capital Region’s early childhood program, administrators, educators and operations. Knock Knock’s Pre-school Principals Alliance is a forum and support group where pre-school program administrators can share ideas and network. For more information, email

teachers tinkering with toys

T3 Tinker Time for Teachers

Research shows that early exposure to STEAM positively impacts children’s learning and development. Knock Knock Children’s Museum, supported by DOW, provides professional development for preschool through third-grade teachers, focusing on an integrated, inquiry-based approach to teaching. Our T3 Workshops offer hands-on experiences, rich content, and networking opportunities to enhance creative problem-solving and design skills for tomorrow’s workforce.

  • Circuit Play 
  • Ramps and Rollers 
  • Stop Motion Animation 
  • MakeyMakey 

FUNdamentals of Making and Tinkering with STEM

This full-day workshop is focused on STEAM-rich making and tinkering. Participants explore three aspects of maker-centered learning (tinkering, making, and engineering) and learn how to introduce and develop each with children in Pre-K through 3rd grade. Engage in low-tech, high-tech, and no-tech tinkering and STEAM-rich activities as a “learner” and then consider ways to incorporate them into daily classroom practice. Participate in design challenges linked to the problems characters face in children’s storybooks; and learn strategies for creating an environment that inspires children to think creatively, take risks, and solve problems.

teacher workshop

Knock Knock’s Learning Innovation Team

Knock Knock’s Learning Innovation Team can custom design professional development workshops or sessions based on your school or organization’s needs. For more information, email us.

Monthly Themes in Maker Shop & Art Garden

There is always something new at Knock Knock! Programming changes monthly so each visit opens doors to unique and enriching educational experiences. Our creative Learning Innovation team is always working to transform the sights, sounds, and experiences in the Maker Shop, Art Garden, and other Learning Zones. Let children experience the magic at Knock Knock as they venture inside to play with a purpose!

Monthly Themes

  • January – Engineer It!: Use everyday objects to think, innovate, and create. Make electrical circuits, take things apart, build simple machines and chain reactions, create structures and gadgets, and code simple programs in bots and Legos.
  • February – Inventors & Inventions: Exercise curiosity on a journey into the world of inventors and their extraordinary creations. What can you invent?
  • March – Animate It!: From drawing, to storyboarding, to stop motion animation and filmmaking, learn simple ways to tell a story or make your own short film come to life.
  • April – Recycle It!: Don’t throw it away — Use it another way! Create costumes, games, inventions, jewelry, musical instruments, and more by reusing things.
  • May – Nature Play!: Explore the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of our ever-changing, free-flowing natural world. There is much to learn about our world!
  • June – Toys & How They Work!: Find out how your favorite playthings work by taking them apart! Discover the gears, springs, and circuits that make them come alive.
  • July – Sound & Pattern: Explore the fascinating world of patterns in sights, sounds, waves, and movement! Learn about symmetry and repetition in nature, art, music, and mathematics.
  • August – Sensational Structures: Build a better community! Learn about the roles of architects, structural engineers, contractors, and carpenters while building structures of your own!
  • September – Motion Commotion: Roll, slide, bounce, and spin! Discover the science of motion and force through play. Build simple machines and gadgets and make them move!
  • October – Out of the Box: Calling all young builders, designers, and creators! It’s time to think outside of the box and use your imagination, tools, and engineering design skills to transform simple cardboard into anything you can dream up!
  • November – Texture &Textile: Tinkering with textiles and creating wearables integrates art, design, and technology. Weave, knit, and sew using a variety of textures and materials on our indoor and outdoor looms, make a sewn circuit using conductive thread, batteries, and LED bulbs… and sew much more!
  • December – Light it Up!: Experiment with light, shadows, and motion using a variety of simple materials and light sources, mirrors, lenses, prisms, and filters to reflect, bend, or mix light. Shine on!