Boy playing with a bubble machine


Access For All

Special Features

Recognizing that some children with physical, cognitive, and/or sensory challenges, need a little more assistance to fully experience the museum, we have specially designed features to ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn through play.

Handicap Parking

Our parking lot features handicapped spaces and ramp access.

Wheelchair Accessible

All Learning Zones and restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Get a First Look

Preview A Day at Knock Knock Social Story before your visit to make children comfortable.

Sensory Learning Zone

Take a look at the Sensory Learning Zone Map.

Quiet Cabin

Our Quiet Cabin is equipped with calming sensory materials offering a place for children to take a break from the busy action of the museum.

Braille Books

Braille books are always in our Story Tree Zone along with braille signage to assist visually impaired children and adults.  

Sensory Items

Weighted lap blankets, sound-reducing headsets, and some adaptive devices are available upon request from the front desk.

Ability Bags and Boxes

Ability bags and boxes are available to provide children with limited mobility the ability to participate in adaptive play experiences.

Adaptive Play Experiences

Ability Bags & Boxes

We have partnered with Our Lady of the Lake/McMains Children’s Developmental Center to create special Ability Bags and Ability Boxes. These bags and boxes provide adaptive play experiences for 10 of our 18 Learning Zones and are available upon request at the front desk. Each bag is equipped with a communication book, map of the museum, a visor with a laser pointer to aid in simple communication, and a special button that adapts technology in the zones. 

Two parents assisting a child with disabilities and providing special accommodations from Knock Knock to enjoy the museum

Reduced-Price Admission

Knock Knock Children’s Museum participates in the national Museums for All program providing reduced-price admission for those receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. Reduced-price tickets are available at the door for $3 per ticket with an EBT card and a valid Louisiana ID for up to 5 people.

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