An overview of the climbing area of the Storybook Climber

Why Support Us

Exploration to Play

Children learn by exploring their environments and building context from their experiences. Learning thrives when children are given control of their own actions to play.

Brain Power

Play has been shown to support brain structure and functioning, facilitating synapse connection and improving brain plasticity.

Mental Health

Play is critical to fostering safe, stable, and nurturing relationships, supporting developmental milestones, and mental health.

Social Skills

Play develops social skills such as listening to directions, paying attention, resolving conflict, and negotiating relationships.

Early Learning

Play supports early math skills such as spatial concepts.

Language Development

Play supports language development by allowing children to practice language skills and build their vocabulary.

Physical Development

Play builds motor control to master fine and gross motor skills and lays the foundation for regular physical activity.

Supports Executive Function

Play builds skills such as intrinsic motivation and executive functioning, including growing working memory, flexible thinking, and self-regulation, skills that are foundational for school readiness and academic success.

Foundation for Success

Children use these skills to learn, solve problems, follow directions, and pay attention.

Mission Moment

“Knock Knock is such a special place to my family. There’s so much to do through the power of learning through play.

The kids don’t realize that they’re learning as they’re playing but you really step back and look at the impact that this museum has and on the future of this country and it’s absolutely remarkable.

There’s no other place that we would rather be to celebrate a birthday “

Stephen Miller, Knock Knock Children’s Museum Member, husband and father of two.

Let us Play!

Your Donation is Vital

Knock Knock wouldn’t be here without our generous donors and sponsors. Whether you’d like to sponsor a Learning Zone, support an event, or offer an in-kind donation there are so many ways your donation can help.

An overview of the Crawbaby play area that showcases fake trees and soft mats to play on as well as a tunnel and slide.