2021 Storybook Soiree

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a place called Knock Knock Children’s Museum. This was a place children recognized as their own. They came to play, learn, and explore. Dazzled by all the colors, shapes, and imaginative spaces, they were filled with curiosity and wanted to learn more. Also drawn to this place were the children at heart.  Grownups were enchanted by this place of wonder, and their minds became filled with childhood memories of play. Wanting more, the grownups desired an opportunity to call this place their own. Then one magical night, their wishes came true as the museum …..


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Do you have the best neighborhood in the Capital Region? Do you love Knock Knock Children’s Museum? And would the children in your neighborhood go nuts for an exclusive Knock Knock at Your Door experience JUST FOR THEM? Then you’re ready to join our Knocking for Knock Knock Neighborhood Challenge.

With the help of Neighborhood Captains, YOU will have the opportunity to compete in a friendly competition to win a one-of-a-kind experience to have Knock Knock at your Door! 

Over the next 7 weeks, neighbors will come together to raise funds to help Knock Knock Children’s Museum Keep the Pages Turning!

Neighborhoods will compete against one another for the opportunity to have Knock Knock come to you! It will be an interactive and COVID-appropriate experience that children of all ages will enjoy!

There are two ways to win: 

* The neighborhood with the highest percentage of participation 

* The neighborhood with the most generous financial contribution

What is a Neighborhood Captain?

Being a Neighborhood Captain is easy! We will make sure you have everything you need to conduct a successful Knocking for Knock Knock campaign. All you have to do is love your neighborhood and LOVE KNOCK KNOCK CHILDREN’s MUSEUM.

As your neighborhood’s captain, you are the head cheerleader reminding your friends and neighbors that you need their help to keep the pages turning at Knock Knock so children of the Capital Region have a place to play with a purpose AND that their participation will help your neighborhood win an exclusive Knock Knock at Your Door Experience. 

You will receive a Captain’s Supply Kit, which includes fliers promoting the contest for you to give to your neighbors, door hangers to help identify those who are participating, small business cards for you to pass out, a special yard sign just for you to identify you as the Neighborhood Captain, and a letter explaining everything. 

Are you ready to help Knock Knock, and also help your neighborhood win a one-of-a-kind play experience? Simply click the button below and start those pages turning!

Competition Ends – Thursday, December 17th

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Machiko Gaston at mgaston@knockknockmuseum.org.

Megan Boucvalt, Storybook Soiree Chair

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Knock Knock Children’s Museum
1900 Dalrymple Drive, Baton Rouge

The story we tell here is a story of wanting to help all children develop a love of learning through igniting their curiosity and imagination. By supporting Storybook Soirée, you are helping the museum in its mission to be a community spark for engaging, playful learning experiences that inspire and support lifelong learning. Proceeds from the event provide critical funding for the museum’s operations, including meeting ongoing educational and program needs.

Meet the Storybook Soirée committee here. 

2021 Storybook Soiree Host Committee Members:

Mi Mi & Chip Bankston

Leslie & Scott Berg

Staci & Craig Duhe

Hancock Whitney

Kelli & Anthony Harton

Cate & Ted Heroman

Connie & Chip Hunter

Candace & Benjamin Lowe

Alex & Beau Layfield

Erin Nugent

Erin & Robby Piper

Kelli & Todd Stevens