2022 Storybook Soiree

New Date Coming Soon

The story we tell here is a story of wanting to help all children develop a love of learning by igniting their curiosity and imagination. By supporting Storybook Soirée, you are helping the museum in its mission to be a community spark for engaging, playful learning experiences that inspire and support lifelong learning. Proceeds from the event provide critical funding for the museum’s operations, including meeting ongoing educational and program needs.

Storybook Soiree Host Committee

We invite you to join us on the 2022 Storybook Soirée Host Committee. Our host committee members will generate support and excitement for this year’s live event, and the time commitment is minimal. Each individual or couple is asked to contribute $1,000. Your names will be listed on the printed invitation, and on the Storybook Soiree landing page.

Storybook Soiree Sponsors

At the 2022 Storybook Soiree imaginations will run wild, fantasy will become reality, and magic will be inescapable. Don’t miss your opportunity to help bring this fairy tale to life and, more importantly, bring the learning power of play to the children of the Capital Region. Coming soon, we will have the perfect sponsorship package to fit your organization. You will help Knock Knock transform into something magical, but the real power of your participation will be in the transformational learning experiences you will help provide to the children of our community. Detailed benefits and pricing will be available in early 2022.

Watch the 2021 Virtual Storybook Soiree

We need YOUR help to Keep the Pages Turning

Knock Knock is for all children. It’s a place where children make connections to the world around them and use their imaginations to create their own worlds. Purposeful, hands-on play is as vital to the development of a young child’s mind as food is to a child’s body…the Power is of play is real!

It took 14 years of unrelenting work to bring Knock Knock to fruition. After the struggle to make Knock Knock a reality, and being open for ONLY 2 and a half years, Knock Knock is now facing the unthinkable–and asking the question– how does Knock Knock survive after more than a year of being closed?

The Children of the Capital Region need Knock Knock. They need to dance, play, and imagine. Please help ensure that every single child in the Capital Region can continue to play, create and explore here at Knock Knock.

This was once a dream — a dream that few believed in–Now it is reality. And this is a reality that our children can’t live without. 

Donate today, so ALL Children can play!