2021 Virtual Storybook Soiree

We need YOUR help to Keep the Pages Turning

Knock Knock is for all children. It’s a place where children make connections to the world around them and use their imaginations to create their own worlds. Purposeful, hands-on play is as vital to the development of a young child’s mind as food is to a child’s body…the Power is of play is real!

It took 14 years of unrelenting work to bring Knock Knock to fruition. After the struggle to make Knock Knock a reality, and being open for ONLY 2 and a half years, Knock Knock is now facing the unthinkable–and asking the question– how does Knock Knock survive after more than a year of being closed?

The Children of the Capital Region need Knock Knock. They need to dance, play, and imagine. Please help ensure that every single child in the Capital Region can continue to play, create and explore here at Knock Knock.

This was once a dream — a dream that few believed in–Now it is reality. And this is a reality that our children can’t live without. 

Donate today, so ALL Children can play!

Storybook Soiree Sponsors




Azalea Development

Megan Boucvalt, Storybook Soiree Chair

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Knock Knock Children’s Museum
1900 Dalrymple Drive, Baton Rouge

The story we tell here is a story of wanting to help all children develop a love of learning through igniting their curiosity and imagination. By supporting Storybook Soirée, you are helping the museum in its mission to be a community spark for engaging, playful learning experiences that inspire and support lifelong learning. Proceeds from the event provide critical funding for the museum’s operations, including meeting ongoing educational and program needs.

Meet the Storybook Soirée committee here. 

2021 Storybook Soiree Host Committee Members:

Rae Vasquez & Dylan Alge

Mi Mi & Dr. Chip Bankston

Baton Rouge Clinic, AMC

Leslie & Scott Berg

Katie & Ryan Bliss

Missy Mavar & Brandon Brasher

Staci & Craig Duhe’

Stacey & Bradley Fruge

Cricket & Dr. Stewart Gordon

Hancock Whitney

Kelli & Anthony Harton

Beverly & Justin Haydel

Cate & Ted Heroman

Connie & Chip Hunter

Erin & Parker Kilgore

Alex & Beau Layfield

Candace & Benjamin Lowe

Nell & Bob McAnelly

Erin Nugent

Erin & Robby Piper

Leigh Ellen & Chris Puckett

Diamond & Dr. Rome Sherrod, III

Julia & Carlos Spaht

Mary Michael & Bo Staples

Kelli & Todd Stevens

Waters & Pettit Commercial Real Estate