Go Go Garage

Buckle up and grab your tools, you’ve got work to do!

Here at our car care center, you can design the car of your dreams and even race it! Or you can dress up like a car mechanic to change a tire and check the oil. Pretend to buckle in a car seat and head to the car wash, or you can just play with our cars and trucks. Whatever revs your engine, you’re in the driver’s seat!

What Children Can Learn and Do:

  • Imagine yourself as a mechanic and work on a kid-sized car to pump gas, check fluids, and use tools to change tires.
  • Slosh through a pretend car wash, spin wheels and push buttons to turn buffers and make sounds.
  • Navigate vehicles through a miniature town and build cars to race on our inclined plane raceway.
  • Plan and enjoy a spirited tailgate cookout.