Newton and Betsy Thomas and Triad Electric & Controls, A Newtron Group Company, Complete Funding for Knock Knock’s By-You Building Learning Zone

(Baton Rouge, Louisiana) – Newton and Betsy Thomas along with the Thomas Family joined the employees of Triad Electric & Controls, a Newtron Group Company, in announcing a $425,000 gift to fund Knock Knock’s “By-You Building” Learning Zone, a hands-on interactive learning environment within Knock Knock Children’s Museum. The announcement was made at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 5th, at the corporate office of Triad Electric & Controls. Guests had the opportunity to view design renderings and proposed educational programing made possible by this gift. Newton and Betsy Thomas’ contribution, representing Triad Electric & Controls sponsorship, matches Art Favre and Performance Contractors’ recent sponsorship commitment to fully fund the By-You Building Learning Zone, one of the largest learning zones within the children’s museum. “There is a direct connection with our company and the plans for this hands-on learning zone. I strongly believe our community will be better because of Knock Knock’s vision and early learning activities and progressive programming that Knock Knock will provide. We put our support in workforce development and the work of Knock Knock will combine both. This is a significant project that will make such a difference in our community, and we are thrilled to be a part of it,” remarked Newton Thomas. Extending gratitude to Triad Electric & Controls staff and their families, Mr. Thomas then acknowledged business colleague, Art Favre, and Performance Contractors for uniting with Triad Electric & Controls in funding Knock Knock’s By-You Building Learning Zone. Attending speakers were Knock Knock Board Chair Staci Duhe’ and BREC Superintendent Carolyn McKnight who thanked the Thomas Family and staff of Triad Electric & Controls. “Success is all about partnership and this community partnership helps move the children’s museum one step closer to a reality. Newton Thomas and The Newtron Group are visionary group of leaders, who are not afraid to think out-of-the-box. Through this gift, we are creating an information-learning environment outside the traditional classroom that will strengthen early learning skills and establish a strong foundation for creative thinking and problem solving skills to enhance tomorrow’s workforce,” gratefully expressed Ms. Duhe’. “Newton and Betsy’s leadership gift has been successfully leveraged to obtain two additional funding commitments for learning zones, which announcements will be forth coming.” “Knock Knock is one of the best things happening in our community, and we are proud to partner with Knock Knock and community donors like Triad Electric & Controls to bring the children’s museum to a reality,” conveyed Ms. McKnight. Additionally, Ms. McKnight announced that BREC has officially opened the public bid process to hire a building contractor for the children’s museum whereby the room erupted with applause. “If all goes well with the bid process, we hope to hire a contractor by the end of the month”, conveyed Ms. McKnight. For more information about this funding announcement or Knock Knock’s Learning Zones, contact Knock Knock Project Director Melissa Bell at (225) 388-3090 or
Triad Electric & Controls is the open-shop electrical and instrumentation construction subsidiary of The Newtron Group Formed in 1982, Triad performs electrical and instrumentation construction throughout the contiguous United States with a scope of services including electrical and instrumentation installations, underground electrical work, instrument calibration, loop check and startup assistance, panel board and instrument rack installations. Knock Knock Children’s Museum is creating a best-in-class children’s museum that will deliver extraordinary play experiences and programs to inspire and promote young children’s intellectual curiosity, self-expression and early literacy development. BREC provides parks and recreation opportunities for all the residents of East Baton Rouge Parish.