Learning Zones

Knock Knock’s Learning Zones are hands-on, interactive exhibits creating “teachable moments” that connect children’s every day experiences to learning. These Learning Zones are anchored in research and evidence-based practices and translate these best practices into informal learning opportunities.

Welcome Center

Entering our doors of learning, you will begin your Knock Knock adventure at Knock Knock’s Welcome Center. We wait to greet you, your family and friends with your “ticket to fun” as you begin your discovery of Knock Knock’s Learning Zones.

Knock Knock Square

Welcome! You’ve arrived at Knock Knock! Take a few minutes here to gather your group. Play a few table top games or work on a floor puzzle. Some days you can enjoy a live play, dance or music performance on our Storybook Stage while you wait here to begin your day’s adventure!

Story Tree

Got a story you want to hear or tell? Our tree is rooted in great ideas and blooming with ways to celebrate literacy, spark imaginations, and open doors to countless possibilities. Get ready to try out your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills under Knock Knock’s story tree canopy! There are games to play, secret messages to find and surprises behind the discovery doors. Feeling quiet? You can even curl up with a puppet and a good book!

Go Go Garage

Put on your coveralls and grab a wrench — you’ve got work to do! Here at our car care center you can design the car of your dreams and even race it! Or you can dress up like a car mechanic to change a tire and check the oil. Pretend to buckle in a car seat and head to the car wash or you can just play with our cars and trucks. Whatever revs your engine, you’re in the driver’s seat!

B.R. Star Studio

Smile and get ready to show off you star quality! Dress up for the cameras or dance to your hearts delight. We have everything you’ll need from lights, cameras to costumes! You provide the action!

Fish Tales

Grab your fishing pole and try your luck at landing a catfish, crappie, bluegill or largemouth bass. Then join the Knock Knock fishing tournament to see how your fish compare in size and color to other fishermen of the day. Since our fishing tournament is all catch and release, you can come back again and again!

Pelican Pantry

Grab a basket and your shopping list — it’s time to stock up on delicious, nutritious food! Shop for foods of every color and eat the rainbow. Don’t forget to take home a healthy recipe! In Pelican Pantry, you can go on a nutrition scavenger hunt, shop for your favorite foods or get behind the register and check others out!

I See Food Cafe

We sure hope you’re hungry! Pull up a stool at the counter and get ready for a fabulous feast. Baton Rouge’s top chefs of tomorrow cook up some fun as they take your order, prepare a cornucopia of delicious food and serve it up in style. Bon appétit!

Art Garden

Release your inner Rodrigue! Unleash the artist in you. You can draw, doodle and play with a wide-range of art media such as paint, fabric, beads and clay. You can also participate in our project of the day! What priceless masterpiece will you create?

Knock Knock Maker Shop

In the Maker Shop, you can play around with ideas, put things or take them apart, and explore new technologies. We have plenty of tools and reusable items for you to use while you think and tinker. Don’t have a problem you need to solve? Then take our daily design challenges to find out how many great ideas you have!


Welcome to Louisiana’s sweetest swamp! In Crawbaby’s nooks and crannies planned especially for children under the age of 3 years, your early learner can drift along on a gently rocking skiff, dress up as a swamp critter or explore a catfish cave and a crawfish hole! They can also climb and slide down an eagle’s nest, hide in the cattails or pose for a picture as a crawfish!

Quiet Cabin

Need a break? You will love resting in the rocking chairs on our front porch or stepping inside to get away from all the fun for a quiet moment alone to feed your baby or read to your child.

By You Building

Heads up! There’s always something happening on our jobsite, so grab your tool belt and get right to work. Along our stretch of the mighty Mississippi, you can use real construction tools to erect your own bridge, operate a crane and build other fun projects. Finally, explore one of Mother Nature’s most powerful forces — the wind — with our very own wind tunnel!

Bubble Playground

Immerse yourself in the sudsy side of science! Bubbles are more than just fun. Their spellbinding shapes and surprising sizes offer opportunities for close observation and lots of mesmerizing, messy manipulation. Who knew physics could be this much fun?

Paws & Claws Clinic

Do animals love you? Here is your chance to return the favor. You can use real tools like brushes and x-rays to help them feel better whether they need a bath or a veterinarian. Feel the love!

Geaux Figure! Playhouse

Math is child’s play! Can you build a pyramid of balls or construct a bridge that doesn’t need fasteners or supports? Maybe you would rather use blocks to reconstruct a skyline create or create an amazing spinning design with magnetic, interlocking gears. You’ll have so much fun you won’t realize you’re learning math!

Ship Shape Health Challenge

Ahoy there! Take the Ship Shape Challenge to assess your own physical fitness. How long you can stay on a teetering balance board? How high can you jump? How long can you hang? How fast can you pedal? Challenge yourself to find out!

All Hands on Deck!

Welcome aboard! Be our guest for a virtual tour from the Port of Baton Rouge up and down the Mississippi River. You and a friend can power the boat, help a pelican fly and take the wheel while pretending to be the captain!

Storybook Climber

Are you ready to see where reading books can take you? At Knock Knock, our Storybook Climber Learning Zone will let you get a new perspective from high above ground. Imagine climbing through the pages of your favorite book! Don’t forget to wave when you reach the top! Knock Knock’s Storybook Climber was designed by world renowned Spencer Luckey.