Knock, knock … Who’s there?

Raising the Roof!

Building progress rapidly moves forward atop Knock Knock Hill in City-Brooks Community Park in Baton Rouge as we rapidly advance toward building completion!

Special thanks to Remson Haley Herpin Architects and M.D. Descant Contractors for their steadfast work to bring Knock Knock to life! We look forward to opening our doors of learning during the 2017-2018 school year.

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Construction Update!


Woo Who?

Woo Hoo! We’re so excited about the upcoming grand opening planned for Summer 2017!

Construction for the children’s museum is now underway!

Knock Knock Children’s Museum extends gratitude to all our dedicated donors and community supporters who helped make this special day possible. In addition, appreciation is given to The Dow Chemical Company and Red Six Media for their creative work in capturing the special moments of this day through this commemorative video. As we begin the construction phase of our community-wide project, we remain passionate about providing an informal hands-on learning environment for the children and families of the Capital Area region. We look forward to opening our doors of learning very soon!